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Cory Carter

Podcast master, Cory Carter, shares his thoughts on using podcasts to create connection, build an audience, and share your journey.

Mark Stern

Two Comma Club Award winner, Mark Stern, shares with us about how we can be part of our customer's success story.

Jim Beard

Learn about the history, successes, and future of the hit show Xs & Os that took the digital entrepreneur world by storm!  


The Live Show [for entrepreneurs]

How to Listen & Connect

Creating genuine content is how you build connection with your customers and followers.  In this episode we're talking about how we can listen to our community.  With special guests, Cory & JoJo Rankin, R Family Strong.

Connection Machines

The very first episode of the Live Show!  In this episode we're talking about the power of building a connection machine for your own business.  With special guest Jim Beard, Xs & Os Game Show.

[for entrepreneurs]

building small business connection machines

Connection Machines are the processes and systems in our businesses that help us engage with new leads, potential customers, and future students, while nurturing existing community members along the way.  Build yours today!

Your Host, Molle Dorst

Internationally acclaimed radio host and educator, Molle Dorst brings her full curiosity to the Live Show where she helps small businesses leverage digital media channels.

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